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Read SFP's Reports and Position Papers on a variety of tobacco control issues.

SFP Position Paper on the Tobacco Tax Directive

Read SFP's position paper on revision of the Council Directive 2011/64/EU regarding Excises Duties for Tobacco Products.

Download the Position paper

Joint TPD position paper with ECL

SFP and the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) have produced a join position paper concerning the revision of the TPD.

Position Paper on Tobacco Products Directive 2 PDF

The Limassol recommendations

The Limassol recommendations aim to identify a number of relevant steps which can contribute to developing comprehensive smoke free legislation.

Limassol Recommendations 2.pdf

Briefing on the Revision of the 2001 Tobacco Products Directive

SFP seeks compulsory graphic warnings and standardised packaging on all cigarette packs in the revision of the TPD.

Briefing on the Revision of the TPD Jul2012 Web PDF Position Paper on Tobacco Products Directiv 2 PDF

Block, amend, delay

Report on Tobacco industry's efforts to influence the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (2001/37/EC).

TI interference TPD policy briefing - FINAL.pdf EU TI TPD report May 2012.pdf

Out of Step

Shadow Report from the EU Tobacco Control NGOs on the European Commission’s Report, ’Dancing the Tango’.


Smoke free Europe makes economic sense

Launched at the 2 June 2005 conference in Luxembourg, the Smoke free Europe makes economic sense report compares the economics of smoke free policies, as well as the economic impact of smoking bans in bars and restaurants in different countries.

Smokefree Europe Makes Economic Sense.pdf

Tobacco or Health in the European Union: past, present and future

The Tobacco or Health in the European Union: past, present and future, or the ASPECT report, was published in October 2005 and launched by Commissioner for Health and Consumer, David Byrne, at a press conference in Brussels.

The ASPECT report key facts and figures.pdf

High Level Conference report: Combating Tobacco Industry Tactics: State of Play and a Way Forward

The conference report highlights the challenges in the implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and specifically its Article 5.3 which asks governments to protect public health from the interference of the tobacco industry.

High Level Conference Report

Roundtable on Article 20 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC)

12 October 2016. SFP organised a roundtable on Research, Surveillance and Exchange of Information (FCTC Art 20) hosted by MEP Linda McAvan. The overall objective of the roundtable was to raise awareness of and support for Article 20 of the FCTC in order to ensure this important article is no longer overlooked and gets the attention it deserves amongst all policy makers in charge of research within the European Union.

SFP and The Union Capacity Building Seminar on Taxation and Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products

20-21 June 2016. SFP together with the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease,  held a 2-day Capacity Building Seminar that took place in Bratislava. The aim of this seminar was to strengthen the training developed by SFP in previous years in order to effectively support national, European and international policy initiatives in line with Articles 6 (taxation) and 15 (illicit trade) of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) as well as the EU approach with regards to taxation and illicit trade.

High Level Conference: Taxation and Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products: What next at EU level?

30 September- 1 October 2015. SFP organised this high level conference in the city of Leuven in Belgium. Bringing together tobacco tax experts, European Commission officials from DG TAXUD, DG SANTE and OLAF as well as MEPs and the tobacco control community, this conference provided an opportunity to discuss the different perspectives on tobacco taxation and illicit trade (Articles 6 and 15 of the FCTC).

Conference Report

SFP Breakfast Seminar: Smokefree polices in Europe: Are we there yet?

14 April 2015. With a keynote speech by European Commission Deputy Director General for Health and Food Safety, Martin Seychell this breakfast seminar celebrated the launch of the updated SFP Smokefree Map and provided a platform to discuss whether smokefree policies in the EU are honouring national commitments made under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and the 2009 Council Recommendation on Smokefree Environments.

Presentation 1 The SFP Smokefree Map Presentation 2 The pitfalls of a partial ban in Portugal Presentation 3 Lessons learned from the 2009 Council Recommendation on Smokefree Environments Event Report Final Agenda-SFP Breakfast Seminar 14 April 2015.pdf

Exhibition and Breakfast Debate in the European Parliament

24 April 2013. Smoke Free Partnership and Tobaksfakta Think Tank organised a week-long exhibition from 22 to 26 April and a breakfast debate on 24 April, Protecting Children From Tobacco: What Works?, in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Protecting Children from Tobacco - Exhibition Banners.pdf Protecting Children from Tobacco - Event Report.pdf

High Level Event on Plain Packaging

29 February 2012. This event in the European Parliament, Brussels, set the debate as to why plain, standardized packaging (in combination with large, mandatory pictorial warnings) is needed in the upcoming revision of the Tobacco Products Directive.

Australian plain packaging and graphic health warnings - Amb. Nelson Plain packaging and illicit trade Brussels - Luk Joossens The legal feasibility of plain packaging - Celine Brassart Plain Packaging - David Hammond 1 of 2 Plain Packaging - David Hammond 2 of 2 Press Release Conference Report

EU Better Regulation: from economic to citizen-centric?

24 February 2010 . The Smoke Free Partnership organised an event in the European Parliament on the EU Better Regulation agenda, where a report on industry interference into policy-making processes was launched.

1. The Origin of EU Better Regulation - The Disturbing Truth 2. EU Better Regulation: Press Release 3. EU Better Regulation: Event Report 4. EU Better Regulation: Recommendations

Combating the Global Illicit Trade in Tobacco and the consequences for Europe and Africa

1 February 2010. The Smoke Free Partnership organised an seminar in the European Parliament in Brussels on the global illicit trade in tobacco.

Event Report Speaker PowerPoint Slides [Joossens, Anibueze] Speaker PowerPoint Slides [Rowan]

The role of FCTC article 5.3 in protecting public policy from tobacco industry influence

15 July 2008.  SFP organised a seminar in the European Parliament (Brussels) on FCTC article 5.3 and to explore the reasons why normal rules of engagement shouldn't apply to the tobacco industry.

Spotlight on FCTC- article 5.3 Press release 15 July Spotlight on the FCTC - article 5.3 French ers-seminar report2.pdf

Launch of the "Spotlight on the FCTC"

30 January 2008. The first briefing paper "Spotlight on the FCTC” was launched on January 30 at a cocktail reception in the European Parliament, Brussels hosted by Linda McAvan MEP.

Bulgarian Czech Estonian French German Greek Hungarian Italian Latvian Lithuanian Polish Portuguese Romanian Slovakian Slovenian Spanish English

Lunch Debate on FCTC and the Need for a Smuggling Protocol

20 June 2007, Strasbourg - The Smokefree Partnership organised a lunchtime debate on the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and the need for a protocol to deal with smuggling in the European Parliament, Strasbourg.

Report on FCTC lunch debate

Consensus seminar on tobacco and nicotine product regulation

3-4 May 2007. The Smokefree Partnership, together with the EHN and CNCT, organised a consensus seminar on tobacco and nicotine product regulation in Leuven, Belgium.

Outcome of the Leuven consensus seminar on tobacco and nicotine product regulation

Public hearing on reduced-ignition propensity cigarettes (RIP)

28 February 2007. A European campaign to ensure that only ’fire safer’ cigarettes are produced and marketed in the EU was launched at a hearing in the European Parliament.

RIP hearing report Shawcross presentation Dr Latarjet presentation Damphousse presentation RIP pledge

Lifting the smokescreen: 10 reasons for going smokefree

21 March 2006. The Smoke Free Partnership published ‘Lifting the smokescreen: 10 reasons for going smokefree’, which was launched at the European Parliament by MEPs Liz Lynne and Adamos Adamou.

Lifting the smokescreen background note Lifting the smokescreen press release

Smokefree Europe conference

2 June 2005. The Smoke free Europe 2005 Conference was held in Luxembourg and was jointly organised by Cancer Research UK (CRUK), European Cancer Leagues (ECL), European Heart Network, la Ligue National contre le Cancer (LNCC-France), and the ERS.

Economic Sense

European strategy meeting on Smoke free policies in Europe

13 May 2005. The European strategy meeting on the implementation of Smoke free Policies in Europe, also known as the Cyprus meeting, was organised in Limassol, Cyprus.

Limassol recommendations
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